Chorlton Posada 2019

What is a Posada?

Posada is the Spanish word for ‘inn’. It is a Christmas activity where small versions of Mary and Joseph travel around different households in the community and stay there for one night.

What is the purpose?

We will have a Posada (travelling knitted crib figures) this Advent as in previous years. The figures leave church on Advent Sunday and return to church in time for the Tableau on Christmas Eve, 5.30pm.

The purpose is to help us focus on themes such as migration, hospitality, refugees, homelessness, and to bring the journey of Mary and Joseph into the forefront of our minds as we prepare for Christmas. We are looking for individuals, groups and families who may be interested in hosting Mary and Joseph for a night. People who took part previous years were very positive about the experience.

Before the start of Advent I hope I have a list of those who would like to take part with possible dates. Please let one of the ministry team know if you are interested or sign up for an evening and night that would suit you.

Look out for them in different local shops and businesses. Checkout their journey on social media with the hashtag #AChorltonChristmas.

The Posada comes to Chorlton

This year St Clement’s Church is inviting local businesses to take part in the posada by hosting Joseph and Mary for one night each throughout the month of December.

Whilst their journey is an important part of the story of Christ’s birth, St Clement’s would like this year’s posada to focus on the importance of community, belonging and link-building. We hope that participation will encourage you to meet your neighbours and welcome new people into your place of work.

Participation in the posada is open to all organisations, of any (or no) religious beliefs.

Please sign up below.

What happens next?

We will create a route for Mary and Joseph to travel based on the location of our participants

On December 1st, we will deliver the couple to the first destination on their route.

With them they will have details for where they are journeying to next, it’s up to whoever is responsible at your business to deliver them to their next destination – so make sure to drop them off during working hours!

Help us track Mary and Joseph’s journey by sharing photos of Mary and Joseph on social media with the hashtag #AChorltonChristmas throughout the day, and where possible displaying them on the counter for people to visit!

We hope you will join us in helping Mary and Joseph journey through Chorlton this Christmas.