Roof Repair Project

During 2016 we undertook a major repair of several of the roofs at St Clements. This was only possible thanks for the generous grant from the Government's Listed Places of Worship Roof Fund. It was one of 502 grants from a total funding package of £30million. We received £74,000 out of a total cost of £100,000.

The Church Porch before the repair.

This corner of the church suffered from damp. The water came because the weight of the porch roof had moved the supporting wall leaving a gap for water to enter.

The Church Porch

after the repair

look no damp!!

The Northwest corner before the work

The Northwest corner (after)

THe South Aisle roof before the repair

The South Aisle after the repair

We installed new slates, roof insulation and replaced a leaking roof light. We also fitted new "invisible" vents for the upstairs toilets to replace those terrible plastic pipes sticking up into the air.

The North Aisle before the Repair

The North Aisle after the repair

We installed new slates, reinforced the porch roof with a new support beam, fixed the movement in wall, and installed three new roof lights.