Student Accounts

Each St. Clair band student (Middle and High School) has an account maintained by Mrs. Oles (Band Booster Treasurer) for individual fundraising money and trip savings.

The student may deposit money into his/her account at any time during the year to prepare for any upcoming expenses. A minimum of $10.00 will be accepted but will be deposited directly into the individual student account.

To use account money, write a note or e-mail describing the use and amount to Mrs. Oles with two weeks notice.

Mrs Oles E-mail Address:

Upon graduation, the senior has a choice of two options for his/her account balance. The balance may be transferred to another student or transferred to the St. Clair High School Band Endowment Fund managed by the Community Foundation of St. Clair.

Students will not be given "Cash Back" from their account at the time of their graduation.