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Band Procedures


  1. Be respectful of the teacher and other students.
  2. Stay Positive!
  3. Help Others! (Quietly)
  4. Follow posted procedures.
  5. Always do your best.


  1. Knowledge and ability in the fine art of music.
  2. Verbal praise.
  3. Performances.
  4. Applause.
  5. Other.


  1. Immediate correction of behavior.
  2. Private discussion of behavior problem.
  3. Student will be removed from rehearsal.
  4. Office Referral

Music Suite Rules

1.  Absolutely no food, gum, or drinks (except plain water) are allowed.

2.  Items left in the music suite will be turned in to the office lost and found.

3.  Percussion instruments that remain out in the room are not for others to play.

4.  The music suite is not a storage area for your junk.  Clean up after yourself and take your belongings with you.


Entering the Room

  1. Enter the room- Prepare yourself and your instrument(s)
  2. Put music in rehearsal order with all materials needed i.e. pencil, paper, notebooks.
  3. Begin individual warm-up.

(You will have three minutes to complete this procedure before the class warm-up.)


Signaling Your Attention

  1. Stand on Podium
    1. When ANYONE steps on the podium you should:
    2. Freeze
    3. Stare at the person on the podium
    4. Stop playing your instrument
    5. Stop talking
    6. Pay attention carefully and thoughtfully.