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Dr. George W. Richards, who came to St. Charles in the late 1830s from New York, built this Greek Revival home in 1840. Richards established the Franklin Medical College in 1842. It was the first medical school in the state of Illinois. His association with the medical college and the incident known as "Richards' Riot" has made Dr. Richards one of the more memorable of St. Charles historical residents.

As the story goes, a Franklin Medical College student, John Rood, in his desire to finish his last year of study, chose to take matters into his own hands. After hearing of the untimely death of young Marilla Kenyon in April 1849, Rood decided to exhume the body for his own educational purposes. The grave robbing was soon discovered by the deceased woman's family and traced back to the Franklin Medical College. An angry mob of men decided to question Dr. Richards. Richards who, at this point in time, had no knowledge of the theft, denied any wrongdoing. Soon Richards was informed of the truth behind the grave robbing accusations. In hopes of resolving the situation in a peaceful manner, he requested that Mrs. Kenyon's body be hidden off the premises.

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The matter would not be settled peacefully. While searching for the remains of Mrs. Kenyon, the group of men found a male cadaver in Dr. Richards' barn; they again became enraged. In the following moments, gunshots killed Rood and wounded Dr. Richards. The bullet holes remained visible in the front door of the Richards House until the late 1980s, when the door was repaced. Mrs. Kenyon's body was recovered after the shooting and reburied in her Sycamore, Illinois grave.

Following the incident, Dr. Richards fled St. Charles, eventually moving to Dubuque, Iowa. He died there in 1853, due in part to the wounds that he received during the riot.

Franklin Medical College closed after Richard's Riot.

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