STC Center

About STC Center        關於東區第一會館

At STC, we take great pride in helping people through utilizing our passion and expertise in real estate.  We recognize that great things can happen if we bring all walks of life together to share, to learn, and to grow jointly.  As a result, we created STC Center, a 14,000 SF facility that serves as a versatile platform to allow people to participate in meaningful community events and functions.

在STC,我們希望用的我們熱情和地產專業素養盡其所能地幫助他人。在此同時,我們也感到頗為自豪, 更享受著為他人雪中送炭帶來的幸福與滿足,這是無法用金錢買到的。STC成員一直在聯合志同道合的夥伴,順從天意和緣份,共同為社會做出貢獻。於是,在我們的努力下,東區第一會館誕生了。我們堅信只要社會各界團結,我們將更有能力幫助身邊有需要的人和社區,與大家一起,分享、學習和成長。終將眾志成城。