A man of small stature can stand astride the hearts of many... or so I've come to believe through knowing Karl, our beloved troll.  On September 30th, Karl retired from the field of Banner War (an SCA event in Granite Falls, WA) complaining of chest pain.  Not long afterward, we all lost a friend.

I know that Karl's life was so much greater than what little we knew of him through our acquaintance at local Renaissance Faires.  Everyone I have ever met who knew Karl spoke of him as a man of honor, grace, and undying loyalty.  More praise cannot be spoken of anyone.  

To each his or her own memories, my memories will always be of the Troll under the bridge frightening the children at first and then handing them candy with a goodnatured wink.  Of the warm companion in the cool of an evening as the firelight flickered and the music of the bards swelled and cloaked us in the tales of yore.  Of the twinkle in his eye as he chased Calabash away from his bridge, which Calabash had been trying to sell to the faire patrons while he wasn't looking.  Of the first time I threatened to sic these three Billy Goats I knew on him... 

Next year, the entrance to the Glen across the wooden bridge will be silent of the screams and giggles of children waiting in line to be frightened.  A silence we will each fill with memories of our fallen friend.  May those memories bring us comfort and the hope of a reunion in the realms beyond.

Lost but not forgotten.  Never forgotten.

Farewell, Karl.

Scott Perkins
Hearth of Saint Brigid