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11th of Nov. 2011 :) Remember to thank a Veteran today for all that they have done for America.  Thanks Dad!

How to lose weight:
1.) Walk every day for at least an hour
2.) Eat no more then 5 fists of food a day
3.) Limit the enjoyment of sugary drinks down to once every few weeks as a treat.  Enjoy more teas, flavored waters, and a some juice (has a lot of sugar, so watch intake of juices too, but they are good for you)
4.) Don't limit what you eat, but the amount you eat.  The key is moderation.  If you go to a delicious stake house, order the 8 oz vs. the 16 oz.  Or you can always take left over home.  Don't be afraid to take things home to eat later.  Better to eat small 5 meals a day vs. 3 larger ones.  I tend to eat a good breakfast, have a light lunch, a afternoon snack, and a good but light dinner.  Final I wrap up the day with a little snack, but I try not to eat past 9pm (usually in bed by 1am).
5.) In addition to walking, eventually add other activities.  As I lost more weight, I added swimming, Tai Chi, and pull ups.  But not saying do these, just what ever will get you moving and about.  In a period of about 2 years I lost around 80 lbs.  Since I started trying to loose weight, I've lost a grand total of 100 lbs.  But I still enjoy really fattening things, just watch the amount.  You should enjoy what you eat.  I didn't first start with the 5 fists rule.  At the time I decided to really lose weight, I was eat around 10 to 12 fists a day.  I first started with 7 to 9 and worked my way down.  Never try and force a major change as it is unhealthy.  Remember also to have a balanced diet.  Makes no since to eat 5 fist of candy.  You need your veggies, protean, fruits, carbs, and some sweets to enjoy :P (LOTS OF WATER WITH LEMON :P!!! Got a thing for lemons and limes).  Remember, when you start to feel better about your self, life becomes a little better each day.

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