First Chip

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Scott T. Block (digital control), Yiran Li (analog part),
Changzhi Li (project adviser), Semi-configurable temperature sensor using Schottky diode array.  This is my (Scott) first chip to actually get fabricated.  It was fabricated in the AMI 0.5um process and arrive August 2011 for testing (see image below), but I won't be around to test it.  

Digital Overview ---> [pdf]

Labeled Top View (click on image to see key more clearly, and detailed images below)

To see more detail, click on image :)
Detailed view of full chip

Diode test array.  There are 64 diodes of differing sizes

Digital control part with Li's section in the top right (its the ones covered in a box mesh)

3 wire, 9 bit bus

Analog part and group mark :)

Detailed view of analog part (temperature sensor)