A Hand Study
(Fall '04 to Spring '05)
University of Illinois
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Scott Block – Undergrad Researcher
K Alex Shorter – Graduate Student Mentor
Dr. Elizabeth T. HsiaoWecksler– Faculty Adviser
Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The primary goal of this project was to build a low cost universal data glove
capable of determining the position, orientation, and range of motion for fingers. Other
aspects of the glove, besides being inexpensive, was that it also had to infringe as little as
possible on the freedom of motion of the finger and fit most hands. The initial glove built
is a prototype glove for testing the development for possible future glove setups, and
eventually to be refocused to the final intent for the data glove. Ultimately, the glove
could be used in physical and occupational physical therapy clinics for improved
measurement of a patient's range of finger motion during such treatment. The glove's
focus is not just for static angles but dynamic motions of the fingers. Currently to keep
track of a patient's finger progress, physical therapists use goniometers. A goniometer is
no more then a protractor with arms on it to measure a static angle. For such a simple
device, medical suppliers charge a lot of money. Because of the lack of accuracy and
price, the creation of an inexpensive data glove that would be able to give more
information about what is happening with the fingers was taken under development.