Welcome to the home of History revision!

Year 11 please use this site to help prepare for the summer exams.

Exam information 2020- There are 2 exams, details below:

Paper 1 (2 hours) – Understanding the Modern World - Monday 1st June 2020 (AM)

Section A: Conflict and Tension 1918-1939

Section B: Germany 1890-1945- Democracy and Dictatorship

Paper 2 (2 hours) – Shaping the NationThursday 4th June 2020 (PM)

Section A: Britain, Health & the People 

Section B: Elizabethan England


Revision timetable

Revision will take place as part of period 6, right up to the exams

Revision guides

The complete basic CGP revision guide specifically for the AQA course is available from school priced £3.50 but this is only suitable for those pupils targeted a Level 4 or below. These are available for purchase via ParentPay.

Pupils targeted above a Level 4 are advised to purchase the specific revision guide for their weakest of the 4 elements, they are available from Amazon.co.uk for £5.99 each

·         Oxford AQA GCSE History: Conflict and Tension: The Inter-War Years 1918-1939 Revision Guide. ISBN-13: 978-0198422914

·         Oxford AQA GCSE History: Germany 1890-1945 Democracy and Dictatorship Revision Guide. ISBN-13: 978-0198422891

·         Oxford AQA GCSE History: Britain: Health and the People c1000-Present Day Revision Guide (9-1). ISBN-13: 978-0198422952

·         Oxford AQA GCSE History: Elizabethan England c1568-1603 Revision Guide (9-1). ISBN-13: 978-0198422938


Detailed revision materials will be emailed to all students to build up on revision.  These will be a mix of PowerPoints, revision cards and exam questions.