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This site has now been full updated for the new GCSE 9-1.  There is a wealth of revision materials for the mock exams and summer exams.

Mock exam information

The mock exam will take place on Wednesday 21st November.  It will be a paper 1, covering the physical geography (geology, coasts, rivers, weather hazards/climate change and ecosystems).  Duration of exam is 1 hour 30 minutes

There will be second mock exam the week after February half-term - this will cover paper 2 (human geography - Changing cities, global development and resource management).
Dates: TBC

There will be a walking, talking mock covering paper 3 (fieldwork and UK Challenges).  This is likely to be in April.

There is a wealth of revision material available through the links at the left of the page (Revision cards and factsheets) 

Exam information Summer 2019

There are 3 exams, details below:

Paper 1 (1hour 30 minutes) – The Physical Environment - 3 sections marked out of 94.     Tuesday 21st May 2019 (afternoon)

Section A: The changing landscapes of the UK  (Geology, Coasts, Rivers)

Section B: Weather hazards (inc. tropical cyclones & drought) and climate change

Section C: Ecosystems, biodiversity and management (TRF and DW)


Paper 2 (1 hour 30 minutes) – The Human Environment - 3 sections marked out of 94.  Wednesday 5th June 2019 (afternoon)

Section A: Changing cities (inc. Birmingham and Mexico City) 

Section B: Global development (inc. India)

Section C: Resource management (Energy resource management)


Paper 3 (1 hour 30 minutes) – Geographical Investigations and UK Challenges - 3 sections marked out of 64.  Thursday 13th June 2019 (morning)

Section A: Geographical investigations – physical environments  (Coasts)

Section B: Geographical investigations – human environments (Rural Settlements - tourism)

Section C: UK challenges

Paper 1 and paper 2 exams are worth 37.5%, paper 3 is worth 25%.  All 3 papers will include multiple-choice questions, short open, open response, calculations and 8-mark extended writing questions.  Paper 3 will also include a 12-mark extended writing questions.  The final question in all 3 papers will also include 4 marks for SPaG.

Revision timetable (after-school until 4pm)

Period 6 will start after Christmas.

Revision guide
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The official revision guide is available from school priced at £3 (half price of RRP). These are available to purchase through ParentPay. 
The ISBN is 9781292133775