Please support the following sponsors of St Bedes Cricket for 2015/2016

Our Gold Sponsors are: Coasters Tavern, Joe's Garage, Lone Star, Living House
Coasters Tavern  Joe's Garage      Lone Star Cafe & Bar     Living House


Our Silver Sponsors are: Ingham Chickens, Caltex Redwood, Forsyth Barr Investment Advice, MacDonald & Gray Driveways
Ingham Chickens     Caltex Redwood    Forsyth Barr Investment Advice  MacDonald & Gray Driveways

Our Bronze Sponsors are: BDO, Visual Network Ltd, Gerry's Wraps, Gift Basket, Pita Pit, Talent Centre, New World Northwood, Tabak Business Sales
Supporters are: Independent Fisheries Ltd
BDOGerry's Wraps   Gift Basket   Pita Pit  Talent Centre   New World Northwood 
Independent Fisheries Ltd