NZ Cricket Code of Conduct for Players

  • All players and officials shall agree to take positive steps to maintain the high reputation of the game of cricket.
  • Everyone on the field shall ensure that the match is conducted within the spirit as well as the Laws of Cricket. On the field the captain is responsible for ensuring this. No player shall fail to comply with the instructions of an umpire, criticise their decision by word or action, show dissent, or generally behave in a manner on or off the field which may bring an umpire into disrepute.
  • Examples of unacceptable behaviour:
  • A player assaulting or attempting to assault an umpire, another player, a spectator, or tournament official
  • A player abusing an umpire or disputing (as distinct from questioning) an umpire’s decision, or reacting in an obviously provocative or disapproving manner by word or action – either towards an umpire, their decision, or generally following an umpiring decision
  • A player using crude and/or abusive language, or engaging in conduct detrimental to the spirit of the game
  • A player using “well known” crude or abusive hand signals
  • Players employing dramatic actions accompanying appeals, or any actions or words which may be construed as “pressuring” umpires
  • Players abusing or engaging in audible remarks about players of the opposing teams (“sledging”, which is deemed to be contrary to paragraph 1. of this code), is not condoned by New Zealand Cricket.