Player Information

Comprehensive information for all players can be found in the St Bedes College Player Handbook.  A summary of upcoming games and season results can be found here.  For coaching sessions and practice times, please have a look under the Coaching link on the left.
Cricket is played on Saturdays and training is held once or twice a week. Teams for Year 9 new entrants are selected during a two day cricket camp in January, with match trials in late January.  Players must indicate their availability by returning a completed registration form.  Those not available for the camp will be trialled in the 1st week of Term 1.

The season runs from late January until March, and then from October through to December, and subs cover the calendar year.  Boys who chose not to play in the latter half of the season will not be entitled any refund of subs.
We currently have the following teams entered into cricket competitions for the 2016 year. 
 Team  Grade  Format  2016 Sub
 St Bedes 1st XI  Canterbury Schools 1st XI Competition  One and two day  $250
 St Bedes 2nd XI  Canterbury Schools 1st XI Reserve  One and two day  $250
 St Bedes 3rd XI  2nd Grade  One and two day  $220
 St Bedes Colts   2nd Grade  40 over   $220
 St Bedes Youth XI ? ? ?
 St Bedes MH Year 10  Year 10 Section 1  40 Over  $175
 St Bedes MH 9A  Year 9 Section 1  45 over - Term 1
 2 day - Term 4
 St Bedes Red  Year 9 Section 2  35 over   $175
 St Bedes Black  Year 9 Section 2  35 over  $175
 St Bedes White Year 9 Section ? 35 over $175
Annual subs are set at the AGM, which is usually held in late February/early March.  Casual player subs are set at $10 per playing day.
The required uniform is a St. Bede’s College Cricket Shirt, St. Bede’s College Cricket Cap and white cricket trousers.  All players are required to arrive at, and depart from the game, wearing their St Bedes school blazer.  This should also be worn when umpiring.

Important Information for all players

  • Once a player has committed to a SBC Cricket side in January, they are committed to that side until the end of that season the following December.  No partial refund of subs will be made for boys who decide not to play in the second half of the season.
  • Players are expected to attend all team trainings.
  • Players must attend all Cricket meetings called by the Coach / Cricket Coordinator etc. during the week.
  • Players must train in appropriate training gear, shorts or track pants and a white shirt or t-shirt. Correct footwear must always be worn.
  • Players must adhere to the dress code:
    • Upon arrival - Players must always turn out in full whites and Blazer
    • During the Match - Players must only wear St Bede’s Cricket shirts and caps
    • Umpiring - Players are expected to wear the Blazer at all times when umpiring
    • Exceptions - an approved SBC one day alternative, using a plain white Floppy Hat.  The committee acknowledges that Players are proud to wear representative apparel as a mark of reaching this achievement – however, players are expected to represent St Bede’s College first and foremost.
  • To play within the spirit of the game and respect cricket’s Code of Conduct.

At all times, RESPECT all coaches and managers, the opposition, your teammates, match officials, equipment, and the facilities you train and play on.