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This is an opportunity to purchase some fine wine and big chickens to your Christmas festivities.  Your cricket club is launching this fundraising venture to help us fund our coaching programme in 2016 so we need you all to get in behind it please.


We received some very positive feedback from the families who purchase wine to help fund the recent Australian Trip.  Based on this support and the need to raise funds, leading up to Christmas we are going to repeat the wine sales initiative.  It would also be a great idea for presents at Christmas time.  Click here to download the wine offer details. And click here for the order form. Any questions please ring Debby Rosevear 021 365 532


This is the first time we have added chickens to our fundraising list – also an excellent opportunity to stock up your freezer.  Full details are on the order form (limited numbers available so first in get them). Click here for the chicken offer details. And click here for the chicken order form.

NoteUnfortunately we have two separate payment methods with these opportunities and this is driven by the vineyards requirements:

    ·         Wine sale payments must be made by cheque or cash. 

    ·         Chickens can be made by direct payment into the bank account listed (please use your surname and number of chickens in the reference details), or by cheque/cash to Debby Rosevear.

     ·         Wine orders close 27 November and wine delivered 10th or 11th December.

     ·         Chickens are here now so as soon as the orders are full the chickens will be delivered.