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NZ Cricket Code of Conduct - Team Managers and Coaches

  • All players and officials shall agree to take positive steps to maintain the high reputation of the game of cricket. It is the responsibility of officials to ensure that the match is conducted within the spirit as well as the Laws of Cricket.
  • Team officials shall do everything possible to abide by directions and decisions of the tournament manager and his/her committee. They shall supply them with all necessary correct information to enable them to come to the best decisions for the good of all.
  • Where there is conflict between advantage for their own team and the good of the game, team managers shall place the good of the game above all else.
  • No team official shall attempt to communicate with any player or players on the field of play.
  • Team officials shall take positive steps to ensure that their hosts are in no way embarrassed by the actions of visitors. Team officials shall set and maintain a high standard of team discipline both on and off the field.
  • Any difference of opinion with a player or official shall not be discussed publicly nor without due regard for the feelings of the other.
  • Team officials wishing to question, as distinct from disputing an umpire’s decision, shall do so privately and well after the close of play. Under no circumstances shall team officials remonstrate with umpires on or adjacent to the field of play.
  • Team officials shall ensure that all players are aware of the Players’ Code of Conduct and all Laws, Regulations and Playing Conditions pertaining to the conduct of players.