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The following links are all articles written by Aakash Chopra, the former Indian opening bat. They are all very informative about different aspects of cricket. Check back from time to time to view new additions to the list.
Reading the bowler  Keep an eye on the point of release, the wrist, the position of the seam and more
Reading the batsman  Video footage is well and good, but there are also plenty of clues for bowlers to pick up from their opponents' grips, back-lifts and stances
Shirtfront strategies  What do you do when the curator has it in for bowlers? You plan, persevere and pray
Whose call is it anyway?  Backing up, calling right, rotating the strike, stealing singles, and avoiding run-outs: running between wickets is a skill in its own right
The changing role of the opener  The demands on players at the top of the order have changed drastically since the likes of Virender Sehwag arrived on the scene
The fielder's checklist  There's a lot more to it than just throwing, catching and diving. Fielding can magically lift or drastically bring down a team's performance
The whole 22 yards  Bounce, seam, spin - different pitches serve them up in different quantities. What do players do to stay on top?
Sharp eyes, soft hands, quick feet  A few key skills and attributes needed to be succesful against spin bowling
Advantage lefties  Life's better in cricket if you're a left-hand batsman or bowler
The science of the big hit  There's a lot more to hitting a long ball than clearing your front foot out of the way and having a swipe
Look sharp, think smart  Use your bowlers well, pick the best batting line-up, and keep an eye on the time-outs and over rates
Overlords, seducers, associates  The importance of captaincy in Twenty20 cannot be overstated. A look at the most common methods
Breaking down the double  Bat first, open the innings, dominate the bowlers, stay in the zone, be in top physical shape. But also be an exceptionally gifted player
Win when it's swinging  You could watch the bowler's wrist, the seam position, the side of the shine, but still not cover all eventualities. Pity the batsman a little, won't you?
The hows and whys of ball-tampering  Just about every cricketer has tried to alter the condition of the ball; the batsman-friendly nature of the game is to blame
How to find form and stay in it  It's a state of mind when runs or wickets come without really trying. But getting there takes a combination of things and holding on to it isn't all that easy
It's not me, it's dew  There's little fielding sides can do once the ball is wet. Pitch it on the right length, try yorkers, slower balls, bouncers? It's easier said than done
After the deluge  Batting after a side has put up a 600-plus total calls for mental and physical fortitude
The games bounce plays  How high the ball rises upon pitching determines the quality of a track; if it is variable, it determines the quality of batsmen too
Planning amid the mayhem  How teams go about strategising in the shortest format of the game