St. Bede's Catholic Church, Newport Pagnell

Our patron saint

St Bede the Venerable

Feast day: May 25

673 - 735, monk of Jarrow, biblical scholar and first English historian, canonized in 1899.

Bede was ordained priest in 703 and devoted his life to the study of the Bible. He observed the monastic discipline and his special delight was always to learn, to teach and to write.

He achieved an impressive range of writing, which fall into three groups: grammatical, Bible commentary and historical. He held his 25 works of Scripture commentary as his most important, but today his Ecclesiastical History of the English People is regarded as his most significant.

Bede died singing "Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit". When Boniface heard of Bede's death, he said that the "candle of the Church, lit by the Holy Spirit, was extinguished".

He was buried at Jarrow, but his remains were later taken to Durham and are now entombed in the Galilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral.


Christ is the morning star,

who when the night of this world is past,

brings to his saints the promise of the

light of life and opens everlasting day.

Prayer of St. Bede