Welcome to Saint Bartholomew’s United Church
Church Lane, Quorn, Leicestershire, LE12 8DP


You are most welcome at St Bartholomew's for private prayer at these times:

Wednesdays 2-3pm

Saturdays 2-3pm.

Please be assured that measures are in place for your  protection, including compulsory wearing of masks and recording contact details in case somebody attending becomes ill

  We would also respectfully request that you take all steps to ensure your own safety,

We are aware that some people may not feel that visiting the church is appropriate at this time 

for health or shielding reasons, and we look forward to welcoming those visitors when 

they feel it is right for them to come. 

What is a Church?

A Church is a building. Yes, that is true, and in Quorn Parish Church Leicestershire we have an historic church of great beauty, standing as a witness for the God who is the same, yesterday, today, and for ever.

However, a Church is much more than a building.

A Church is a group of people on a journey, a journey of faith. Some may be searching for a faith in the Living God. Others may have already found God or, more accurately, been found by God. Some may have known God for years, and derived great comfort and strength from knowing and being known by God.

A Church, both building and group of people, should always be welcoming to all, and we hope that’s what our United Church is.

It is our hope that people will feel free to join us at any time; and accompany us on our journey of faith.

Just one last point. We believe firmly in working closely with the other Churches In the area, especially with Quorn Baptist Church, the other Church in Quorn.  Although Roman Catholics do not have their own building in the village, we are also open for fellowship with them, as and when appropriate.

We hope that together we will move forward in faith and fellowship, bringing the love of God to as many people as possible.

David Bowler, Vicar.

Please contact the vicar direct for baptisms, weddings and funerals on (01509) 412593


If you have a safeguarding concern, then please contact our local Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Mrs. Julie Croysdale, email Julie@quorndon.com , tele: (01509) 558277 or the parish priest (details as above).

If you wish to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, or to someone outside the church, their contact details are available here: Diocese of Leicester Safeguarding

Safeguarding refresher Training which had been organised for 26th May 2020 has been cancelled.

Safeguarding Training is essential for those in key roles in the Church.Those on the Church Council and those who have involvement in Church Groups are expected to undertake training at a certain level.  Click here to find out more!