Junior WOW

Junior WOW is a group of Christian children, mixed boys and girls, from the age of eight to thirteen. WOW takes place at 6.30pm at the Vicarage on Station Road every other Wednesday.

At WOW we learn about the Bible, our church family and the Lord. This helps us become more involved during our school religious studies and at Junior Church on Sunday mornings. We also learn about peer support and how to feel good about ourselves. These are two very important lessons as not only does it help our religious journey, but school life and our personal development. These teachings are the sort that will stay with us our whole lives as they help us with everyday situations.

But WOW is not only educational. Before our teachings we have a small meal, which usually consists of pizza, garlic bread and cakes of sort (dietary requirements can be met with notice). Also, there are occasional trips to restaurants, cinemas and Will/game nights. These nights are not for lessons but to have fun, and often members bring friends to enjoy the evenings as well.