St Bartholomew’s church cares deeply for the children of the parish of Long Benton and beyond!

We provide a variety of activities at the church for toddlers including a crèche on a Sunday and a playgroup which meets on a Friday. The church also provides space for a successful playgroup that operates Monday to Wednesday. In every activity the toddlers are encouraged to grow in confidence, knowing they are loved and cared for in a safe environment. We also offer a wide range of pursuits for children who attend primary school. The church has a well established Junior Church with very gifted leaders. Other activities include Junior WOT (years 3 to 8), holiday clubs and our exciting Messy church (both 5 to 11).

The church plays an active part in all the local schools. This includes taking assemblies and being a source of support to members of staff. We are a church that cares and prays for all the children of the parish and actively encourage them to be involved in seasonal plays and occasional musicals such as Oliver!