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InformationTechnology (IT)


Information Technology or IT is the branch of engineering that deals with solving problems and using computers and telecommunications to retrieve, store and transmit information effectively.


The work environment today is totally dependent on computers.  This has led to the need to develop and consistently upgrade dedicated computer software for a number of related requirements.  These include:

·       storage and protection of content,

·       processing and transmitting of dedicated information, and

·       secured retrieval of information when required.

IT promotes computing technology, covering everything from developing and installing applications to developing databases.


Things that were once done manually have now become easier and faster to do due to the advent of computing technology.  Our world today has changed a great deal with the aid of IT, which has penetrated almost every aspect of our daily lives and society.  From leisure to business, IT has become part of our day-to-day lives through the use of PCs, Internet, cell phones, faxes, etc.  The list seems endless.  We hope that new developments in the field of IT will provide benefits to our future generations, just as it has greatly benefited ours.


Careers in Information Technology

In virtually any occupation today, a certain amount of computer skills and knowledge is required.  Due to the fact that computers are used in such a vast range of occupations, many experts are required in the fields of

·       networking and maintenance of computers,

·       development and maintenance of databases,

·       programming, development and refining of computer systems.



The minimum requirements for taking Information Technology in Grade 10 are:

·       Pass grade 9 Mathematics with at least 60%, or

·        Pass grade 9 with an overall average of at least 70%.