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Social Sciences

The subject Social Sciences consists of History and Geography. Although the two disciplines are kept separate, this curriculum is designed to complement the knowledge (content, skills and concepts) outlined in each.


This Social Sciences curriculum aims to provide opportunities for learners to look at their own worlds with fresh, critical eyes, and perhaps more importantly, it aims to introduce learners to a world beyond their everyday realities.


The importance of depth of knowledge is recognised. The topics in this curriculum specify pace through hours allocated. Times indicate the depth required.


Learners are trained to speculate, to debate, to make connections, to select, to prioritise and to persist, in tackling real issues and important questions.


Language is an important element of both History and Geography. Different forms of text (oral, written and visual) are central to both disciplines. Learning takes place through interaction with these texts.


Similarly, writing is a skill that is developed through these two subjects. Learners should write regularly, with a clear progression in length and complexity through the grades.