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Geography is the study of human and physical environments. It is a subject that combines topics related to physical and human processes over space and time. With the use of Geography, we can better understand our complex world.
There are many branches of study in Geography. For example, in Physical Geography, we examine natural processes and features, including the atmosphere, landforms and ecosystems. In Human Geography, we investigate the activities and impact of people on Earth. The concept that unifies Geography is space. All geographical phenomena
have a spatial dimension and operate in a continuously changing environment.

Geography aims
During Grades 10, 11 and 12 learners are guided towards developing the following knowledge, skills and
• explaining and interpreting both physical and human geographical processes;
• describing and explaining the dynamic interrelationship between the physical and human worlds;
• developing knowledge about where places are, and the nature of a range of different places at different scales;
• practising essential transferable skills – literacy, numeracy, oracy and graphicacy;
• promoting the use of new technologies, such as Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Geographical
Information Systems (GIS);
• developing a commitment towards sustainable development;
• creating awareness and sensitivity to inequality in the world;
• ostering empathy, tolerance and fairness; and
• making and justifying informed decisions and judgements about social and environmental issues.