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Computer Applications Technology (CAT)


CAT is an FET (grade 10-12) subject that focuses on teaching the learner how to use the Microsoft Office 2007 Suite. There are two parts to CAT i.e. practical and theory. The theory aspect focuses on hardware, software, networks, the Internet, etc; whereas the practical aspect focuses on the office suite. As from 2013, web design will be included into the curriculum. This will be taught to learners in grade 11. All practical work is done in class and learners are required to do theory homework on a weekly or fort-nightly basis. Text books are issued to learners at the beginning of the year and it is of utmost importance that learners bring their text books to class everyday as this is the main teaching resource. This is a three year course and it is advisable that learners start in grade 10 and complete in grade 12. The course material builds consecutively as the learner progresses from grade 10 to grade 12. It is favourable that learners who have access to a computer after hours take CAT as a subject as they are able to practice out of school hours.


There are two examinations that take place throughout the year i.e. the June and November examination. These exams consist of two papers:
-  paper 1 (practical)
-  paper 2 (theory)

These exams are weighted 50/50 in order to calculate the final examination mark.


The year mark is calculated as follows:
  • School Based Assessment tasks (two tests in term 1, 1 test and June exam in term 2 and 2 tests in term 3) which count for 25%
  • November examination counts for 50%
  • Practical Assessment Task (PAT) counts for 25%
(The PAT is an assignment that is completed in three phases throughout the year, mainly in the first three terms. Learners receive the PAT as early as possible in the beginning of year and due dates for each phase and the planning for these phases are given to learners. Research and planning must be done at home and then brought to school on the due dates specified. The phase is then typed in class under strict exam conditions.)

This course enables the learner to be computer literate when entering the workforce should the learner decide not to enter into tertiary education.