Teaching at the school is learner-centred. This means that the students themselves are made responsible for the learning process.  Naturally, teachers facilitate every stage of the process, but the responsibility remains with the individual students. Features of learner-centred work include group work, which not only prepares students for co-operative learning but also for teamwork in the corporate world. Individual learning and thinking is encouraged through challenging individual and group projects.

Students are given the opportunity of demonstrating their knowledge through a number of different assessment methods. This means that a student who is adept at artistic expression is able to show his or her knowledge of a range of subjects through this medium. Dramatic talent is harnessed to demonstrate understanding of literary texts. Scientifically orientated minds are developed through the representation of information in graphs and charts, amongst other methods. Group assessments take place routinely, which encourages quality work with a commitment to a community (the group).