About us

St Barnabas School of Specialisation has always rescued students from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds and endeavoured to nurture our students into accomplished learners and critical thinkers.

Programmes in the lower grades are designed to make up for any learning deficits so that students quickly develop basic ability in English and Mathematics. The school offers learning opportunities to prepare students for ultimate success not only at tertiary level, but also in the professional fields, public service and business. The school is unique in terms of the origins of our students, results at matriculation level and the success of our students thereafter at major universities.

There are approximately 452 students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 who are carefully selected for admission. Entrance interviews and assessments are conducted to determine a candidate's potential and ability to meet the rigorous demands of the environment of excellence with which the school has always been associated.

Students are required to participate in our extensive co-curricular programme, which offers a variety of sporting, cultural and community activities. We are also committed to the spiritual development of our students and we foster an attitude of self-reflection, responsibility and accountability.

By maintaining a completely non-racial, co-educational Secondary School of the highest educational standard, St Barnabas School of Specialisation is helping to prepare young people for future success in universities and colleges.

Our academic programme is rigorous. It promotes independent, critical thinking and confidence while helping students to develop advanced problem-solving skills. The programme fosters creative thinking and expression and encourages curiosity.

The school caters for both day and boarding students.