Welcome to the STAYON In-Service Training Course

STAYON - "STrategies And systems to reduce YOung people’s Non-completion of upper secondary vocational education".

This Comenius project uses quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate and develop in an innovatively trans-European context means of meeting the “Completion Challenge” in post-compulsory vocational education for 16-19 year olds.  We define this challenge as the urgent social and economic necessity to reduce dropout rates and ensure young people’s completion of courses leading to transferable qualifications in “New Skills for New Jobs”.

We have explored, developed and evaluated practical means of meeting this challenge “on the ground” asking, “what works where and why?” within a variety of socio-economic, cultural and educational contexts and regions in 5 European countries.  
We have given a particular emphasis to:

  1. Working in partnership with local employers in orienting VET courses to local employment opportunities and labour market needs in the context of their wider European dimensions.
  2. Reducing early leaving for students with migrant backgrounds & Roma pupils.

We hope that you will find the course interesting, informative and useful in your quest for reducing school dropout in your own institution.  

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The team

For more information about the STAYON project, please see the STAYON website:  www.STAYON.org