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Young Adult Mass

The Heart & Soul of STAY

Get Involved in Our Liturgy!
The STAY Mass is at 7:30 p.m. on Sundays. Attend each Sunday, or participate more fully by being a sacristan, greeter, choir member, lector, or eucharistic minister! Additionally, you can sign up for Parish Pay and have your weekly donation to St. Thomas automatically taken out of your account or charged to your credit card. We also encourage you to become registered St. Thomas Apostle parishioner; registration forms are located in the church vestibule and can be submitted to the rectory in person or via mail.

The New Roman Missal
The prayers we use today in English have been updated with more up-to-date translations. This means some of our responses at Mass change and some of the words in our prayers at Mass change, too. Since 2011 we have used the  new Roman Missal. Learn more about it from the Archdiocese of Washington by clicking here.

STAY Greeters
STAY Greeters are an essential part of creating a welcome, warm community at our STAY Mass. Before every 7:30 Mass, greeters stand at the doors to say hello, pass out the mass aid and answer any questions. Usually a greeter stays until 5 minutes into Mass so even the late arrivals see a friendly face. If you are interested in becoming a STAY Greeter, email us at STAYdc@gmail.com. This is a wonderful way to get involved and meet many more members of our STAY Community!

STAY Choir & Ensemble
Our vibrant and lively young adult choir is the largest young adult choir in D.C.! The STAY Young Adult Choir & Ensemble always welcomes new singers and musicians. All ages and ability levels are welcome! Contact Choir Director Karen Clement at STAYchoir@gmail.com or visit the choir's homepage.

The readings used in liturgy directs us on a journey of faith. Lectors are our storytellers on this journey and, by leading the General Intercessions, lectors remind us of our connection to both local and global communities by helping us pray for those in need. If you are interested in serving as a lector at our 7:30 Mass,   please contact Mark, STAY's Liturgical Committee Chair at mark.reichhardt@alumni.duke.edu.

Eucharistic Ministers
Eukaristia means thanksgiving, gratitude, gratefulness. STAY's Eucharistic Ministers bring Christ's presence to those in our STAY faith community who come forward to receive Communion. For information on serving as a Eucharistic minister, please contact Mark (mark.reichhardt@alumni.duke.edu).

After-Mass Socials
Catch up with friends and meet new ones after the STAY 7:30 Mass. See our Social page for information about specific after-Mass social events, such as Pizza Sunday!