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This website commerates my family and the Jewish community that once lived in Stawiski (Stavisk)Poland and that was destroyed during the Holocaust.  I hope it will also  serve as a meeting place for decedants, relatives and friends of that community.   It is open to all people of all faiths with Stawiski connections in order that together we can learn from the past good and awful and create together a better future.


You are invited to put your Stawiski related pictures, stories, links, searching for relatives messages etc. on this website and  on the connected blog.



Stawiski Trip 2004

Stawiski Trip 2007 - Upcoming

 My Family History - Chmielewskis

My Family History - Grudzinskis 

Stawiski History

Stawiski During the Holocaust

Survivors and Noted Personalities


Stawiski Municipal Website -  Historical Section which includes the no-longer existant synagogue, the only  headstone in the cemetery and a Jewish coach owner. It also mentions the famous chess player who was from Stawiski - Akiba Rubenstein

Stawiski Yizkor Book


 Stawiski Street Map

Stawiski on Mapquest


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