How to plan a Hash run.

Well before the run, make sure the “On Sec” or “Hare Raiser” has the following information:

  • Date and Starting Time (in Stavanger 18:30 is standard starting time on Thursdays during the summer, and 14:30 on Saturdays during the winter)
  • Hares’ name, telephone number
  • Run location/address
  • Details of how to get there by public transport
  • Details on how to get there by car
  • Any other info which may be useful e.g. availability of showers, sauna, party afterwards, etc.

Setting a good trail is an art in itself. The first rule is simple: there are no rules!


However there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure everyone's safety, that no one gets lost and that everyone has a good time. 

The idea of the Hash is to get everyone together for a run, a few beers afterwards and a bit of fun.  A good hare (the person(s) that sets the trail) keeps the pack together, uses just enough markings to reveal the trail but not too obivious and gets the slower runners to the end in just about the same time as the faster ones.


Here are some basics:

Try to have a co-hare. It's a good way to share ideas and looking after the pack. P

lan and recce/scout the run in advance, it will avoid surprises. Walking the trail should not take more than 2 hours to result in a good HHH run of about an hour. Using maps, especially orienteering maps may be helpful.


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