About the Chapel

St. Augustine's Chapel and Diocesan Boys' School

As a famous boys’ school within the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon in the Province of Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Hong Kong Anglican Church), the Diocesan Boys' School (DBS) has a Christian heritage stretching back to its foundation in 1869. Nowhere is this more reflected than in the symbolism of the school crest and our mission statement “to provide a liberal education based on Christian values”.  

On the 10th of July 2012 St. Augustine’s Chapel was consecrated by the Rt. Rev’d. Louis Tsui, Bishop of Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, meaning that for the first time in its history the school has a purpose-built chapel offering services to DBS and the wider community. 





The Chapel is dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo, a renowned scholar and convert to Christianity who became
 bishop of Hippo in AD 395. His writings on philosophy and theology remain influential to this day and equally well documented are the personal struggles he faced on the way to his conversion. There can hardly be a more appropriate model for us in a school community than Augustine. He teaches us the importance of wisdom acquired through learning. He is an example of someone who has achieved great successes, accepted and and learned from his failures, and more than anything showed willingness to struggle, persevere and improve himself. 




Milestones of St. Augustine's Chapel
2009 - The School Committee of DBS decided to include a chapel in the new academic building (I.B. block) to be completed in 2011.

September 2011 - Major construction completed. Renovations took place.

Winter 2011 - It was resolved that the Chapel would be dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo. The side chapel would be named after The late Rev'd. Canon George She, to whom the old school chapel was dedicated to in 2005. Altar, cross and candlesticks from the old chapel were moved to the side chapel.
Spring 2012 - The boarders started to use the Chapel for Night Prayer on Sunday nights and Evensong from Monday to Thursday. 
March 2012 - First Graduation Service for Grade 12 (Form 6) boys was held.

5th July, 2012 - The 6th Kowloon Scout Group (DBS Scouts) presented their group flag to the Chapel.

10th July, 2012 - The Chapel was consecrated by The Right Reverend Louis Tsui, Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon of HKSKH.

September 2012 - Holy Eucharist has been celebrated regularly on Wednesdays, mainly for the boarders and staff.

8th December, 2012 - First Holy Baptism was performed.
11th November, 2012 - First Holy Eucharist on Garden Fete day was held, which also featured the Remembrance Sunday.

13th January, 2013 - Regular Sunday Services began. The first service was supported by the Diocesan School Old Boys' Association (DSOBA) Christian Union.

19th January, 2013 - First Holy Matrimony was held.

February 2013 - Baptism and Confirmation classes started.

30th June, 2013 - Baptism and first Confirmation in Holy Eucharist officiated by Bishop Louis.
1st December, 2013 - Sunday School commenced.
25th December, 2013 - First Christmas Day Eucharist (with Holy Baptism) was celebrated.

28th August, 2016 - The Bishop’s Chair and Crozier Stand, which are kindly gifted to the Chapel by Mr. Jacland and Mrs. Minnie Lai (former principals of Diocesan Boys' School and Heep Yunn School respectively) in thanksgiving for fifty years of Holy Matrimony on 9th July 2016, was dedicated by The Rt. Rev'd. Dr. T. Kwok, Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, during the Patronal Festival Eucharist before the Confirmation.

July, 2017 - Rev'd. Dr. W. Robertson, our Founding Priest-in-charge, retired.

27th August, 2017 - Rev'd. K.K. Chan was officially commissioned at the Feast of St. Augustine Eucharist by The Rt. Rev'd. Dr. T. Kwok, Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, as the second Priest-in-charge of the Chapel.