Week-2: Data, data, & data

Data is (are) to Data Science what air is to humans. Without data, or air for that matter, there is no Data Science. Learning opportunities in Data Science though suffer from a major drawback. Instructors routinely assume that whatever data sets are needed are either available, or could be made available, to learners. Furthermore, a bigger constraint is that instructors assume learners would know how to deal with data and thus the instructors embark directly on analytics. 

Based on my nearly 20 years of experience teaching analytics, I do not make these erroneous assumptions. Most new, and some experienced, learners do not know where to look for, or how to do deal with, data. They even don't know if data is singular or plural. Datum is singular, data are plural.

In this meet-up, we will embrace data in all its imperfections. Unlike the data sets that come bundled with textbooks or courses in data science, the real world data are messy -- very, very messy. Even more importantly, the data you really need, do not exist. You have to either collect it or search for it.

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