Week-4: Rinse & Repeat

The key lesson to remember is Écoutez et répétez. Yeap, you read it correctly, and if you have taken French language classes, you already know the drill. In French it means ‘listen and repeat.’ In Data Science Boot Camp, it means the same: listen and repeat. But here is the twist. I repeat the lessons, you repeatedly watch and practice. Why, because the only way to learn is to repeat until you get it right. 

Just watch a child learn how to speak. Every child puts up a great effort to learn each and every single word by repeating what she wants to say until she gets the word right.  Why not watch Prof. Deb Roy of the MIT who recorded every living moment of his new-born son with dozens of automated cameras and microphones. The result is phenomenal: He captured the birth of his son’s first word. This continued for three years with a quarter million hours of recording. 

Fast forward to 4 minutes and 30 seconds to hear how Prof. Roy’s son transitioned in six months from gaga to water! It took six months of unrelenting effort to get one word right: ‘water’.

This Friday, we will learn to say water, read Regression, in data science.

We will analyze data, again and again and again, performing the same tasks, yet getting interesting and new insights every time.  

See you soon.

Download R script to reproduce work from June 10. Click HERE.