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Murtaza Haider is an associate professor of real estate management at the 
Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. He is also the principal of a consulting firm, Regionomics Inc and He is also an adjunct professor of engineering at McGill University.

Murtaza specializes in big data analytics and forecasting. His research interests include human development in Canada and South Asia, forecasting housing market dynamics, transport and infrastructure planning. He is an avid blogger and blogs about socio-economics in South Asia for the Dawn newspaper and for the HuffingtonPost. Murtaza is also a syndicated columnist with Post Media. His weekly column on property markets appears in the National Post/Financial Post.

Murtaza Haider holds a Masters in transport engineering and a Ph.D. in Urban Systems Analysis from the University of Toronto. 

Watch Murtaza explain Bombardier challenges and offering strategies to maintain Canada's strategic leadership in rolling stock/locomotive manufacturing:

Murtaza Haider is the author of Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics. IBM Press and Pearson published the book in 2016.

“This book may reduce the scarcity of data scientists, but it will certainly increase their value. It teaches many things, but most importantly it teaches how to tell a story with data.”
Thomas H. Davenport
Distinguished Professor, Babson College. Research Fellow, MIT;
Author of Competing on Analytics and Big Data @ Work


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