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All stats are correct as of 27/12/10.
  • All matches that Arsenal have scored in since 1988/89 have been added, it is fully sortable/filtered by Opposition, Home or Away, Competition, Season, Goalscorer, Assister & Pre-Assist. That is over 2,000 goals and something like 1,000 matches since 1988/89 in this database. 
  • Its not yet fully sortable/filtered by Day, Month, Year, or Result. Only 88/89, 89/90, 90/91, 91/92, 92/93, 93/94, 94/95, 06/07, 07/08, 08/09, 09/10 & 10/11 are fully sortable/filtered by this yet.  
  • A blank space in the assister box equals either a rebounded shot, deflected pass, free-kick or penalty. 
  • No data means it wasn't possible to obtain the assist stats for said match. There is 12 matches, 23 goals this is an issue for. 

  • Stats not to be reproduced without permission.
  • All Stats collected by myself from Arsenal Season Reviews and cross referenced with the help of the following websites wherever possible:

  • I do not claim these stats to be official or affiliated with any organisation. 
  • If you wish to discuss these stats, you can do so by joining Football Draft
  • All stats are subject to constant review. If you think there might be a mistake, feel free to contact me and the goal will be reviewed.