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Using The Mouse

The following conventions to describe the actions you perform when using the mouse.


Press your left mouse button once. You generally click your mouse to select something on the screen.


Press the left mouse button twice. Double-clicking something on the computer screen generally opens whatever item you have double-clicked.


Press your right mouse button. When you right-click anything on the computer screen, the program displays a shortcut menu containing commands specific to the selected item.

Click and drag and Release the Mouse

Move your mouse pointer and hover it over an item on the screen. Press and hold down the left mouse button. Now, move the mouse to where you want to place the item and then release the button. You use this method to move an item from one area of the computer screen to another. 

If you have never used a mouse before, there are two keys to learning how to use it: keep all your movement slow and deliberate, and practice the techniques as mush as you can.