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Turning Your Computer On And Off


Almost all computers are made with a power switch in the front.  However, some older machines may have a switch on the back of the box.

Normally, after you turn the computer on, it will "boot up" (or load the startup software and the operating system) and bring you to the computer’s desktop (a place where you can access the computer’s services).


01. If the computer wasn’t shut down properly, it will probably run a program to scan the hard drive for errors and try to fix them if found.  (Windows users:  If the computer prompts you to fix a problem, allow it to do so and choose "Skip Undo" if it becomes an option.) 

02.  If the computer prompts you to enter a password, do so if you know it and click "Ok". If there isn’t supposed to be a password, click "Ok" to go on.  If that doesn’t work, you will need to find out what the password is.

NOTE:  If you click "Cancel", you will go on but you’ll lose most, if not all, of your network functions.


When you have quit your programs and are ready to shut down the computer, click on the proper sequence (below) for your machine.

Windows:  Start > Turn off Computer > Turn Off

Your computer may display an extra screen, but will ultimately do one of two things.

01. Turn itself off (including the power) you’ll need to turn off any devices that need to be turned off (printers, monitors, speakers, etc.) and you should be done.
02. Display a screen saying it’s ok to turn the power off (or shut down).  Go ahead and turn the power off.  You’ll need to turn any devices off that need it (printers, monitors, speakers, etc.) and you should be done.


Customer: "My computer won't work. You guys must have broken it when you installed the modem."
Tech Support: "What happens when you turn it on?"
Customer: "It won't turn on anymore!!!!!"
Tech Support: "So you don't see any lights or hear any noise?"
Customer: "I'm telling you it WON'T TURN ON."
Tech Support: "Is it plugged in?
Customer: "OF COURSE it's plugged in, you MORON!"
Tech Support: "When you push the power button it--"
Customer: "Power button? This computer doesn't have a power button."
Tech Support: "Sir, all computers have power buttons. Look at the front of the case, find the word 'power,' and push the button."
Customer: "YOU FIXED IT!! Thanks!!!!"