Lesson 01  

 In Basic Computer training, your instructor will use a number of terms in connection with the Web. You need to be familiar with these terms so that you know what the instructor is talking about. Some of the most important ones are:

01. Turning Your Computer On and Off

02. Windows And Its Components

03. Desktop

04. My Computer

05. Start Menu

06. Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons

07. Multitasking

08. Right and Left Click

09. Taskbar

10. Using The Mouse

When you use the mouse, you may click either the left button or the right button. Learn to use both and, if your mouse happens to have more than two buttons, make sure to discover which one functions as "left" and which one as "right."

Multitasking is a very useful feature. During the training you will need to have various "windows" opened simultaneously. A "window" is often an "application." Use multitasking to practice the simultaneous use of various applications.

Throughout your use of computers, you will have an opportunity to apply the text editing functions/operations. Remember, you will most likely use all of them during your Basic Computer training.