Welcome to the State of Sandus web portal!

This website is kept and organised by the Central People's Government of the State of Sandus and intended for the purposes of being utilised by Sandum civilae, socilivae and peregrae, as well as officials of the government of the State. Just as well, this site is for information of both Sandum citizens and external persons interested in the State. In this site, you will be able to access information on the S8gm8 of the State, positions of the Courso d'Honourae, the process of attaining full or civilo citizenship, Sandus' foreign affairs laws and policies, a complete library of all Sandum laws, and information on the Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus and all other applicable cooperatives of the State of Sandus. Information here can also be found on the ideology of the Sandum State and People, often referred to as the "Sandum Philosophy". 

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