The Military: Mercenary Terrorists,
The Embodiment of Evil

The origins of militarism date back to the first organized gangs of anti-social thugs who couldn't live in cooperative societies and took up their clubs to beat people over the head and force them to be their slaves. Violent domination has always been the real objective of the state. Kings and later Presidents and Prime Ministers are merely the glorified heads of gangs of thugs. These gangs of thieves, murderers, pirates, terrorists and other scum, have, through the centuries been able to extend their power into the economy, through regulation and taxation, and into education, to brain wash their slaves into believing in the illusion of their legitimacy and promoting the glorification of the national military-state as some deified entity that one is privileged to serve. This criminal filth has gone far beyond the use of basic brute force into the realm of mass mind control, which makes them much more dangerous than the savages of old. The poisonous influence of militarism contaminates all of society, inevitably degrading every single person who has any association with or provides any support for the military, its members or institutions.
   The state's main criminal business is military terrorism. The state doesn't protect and defend individual human beings, it is at war against them; the purpose of the military is to defend the political and economic power of those who have usurped their authority over other people through, deception, theft and violence so that the political mobsters will be able to continue perpetrating their crimes.
   The military defends only its own criminal activity, that means that they are willing to commit mass murder or even destroy the world rather than allow anyone to be free of the state. All militaries are nothing but mercenary terrorists hired by the political mob bosses to carry out their aggressions in order to defend and increase their own political and economic power. Militaries don't defend human rights or freedom, they wage war against them.

The purpose of war is the destruction of the enemy including those civilians who are resources to the military-state. It is the objective of the military to kill, to maim, to destroy as much of the enemy nation's economy, infrastructure and civilian industries as possible and to terrorize the entire population. They must create terror as an object lesson to convince other potential opponents to submit on command. Therefore, the war must not only inflict maximum death and suffering on its victims, mostly civilians because it is a primary objective to demoralize the population so they will be ineffective slaves in support of the war effort, but it must also broadcast its achievements as propaganda to strike fear in the hearts of other potential targets who might defy their will.
   The strategy of war is, first of all, to inflict terror in a population so as to get them to cease their support of the regime that rules over them or to inflict as much damage as possible on the population who are the ruler's resources, states see peoples as merely resources or property to be enslaved and used themselves or targets to be destroyed among the enemy. Most states don't try to kill other rulers because their own rulers are cowards and they are afraid other rulers may try to kill them and it also tends to undermine the power of the world system of state cartels, therefore cowardly militaries choose terrorism as their method of achieving political and economic goals. Military action among large modern states rarely involves the intention of defeating an enemy political regime totally because this is too destabilizing for the world state cartels, instead, strategic terrorism and destruction to disrupt the lives, economy and functions of an entire country without any real intention of removing a dictator from power is used to punish a people for supporting a certain political system or being stupid enough to be controlled by it; and the terrorist state that wages such a war is always doing so for their own selfish political and economic gain which comes from disrupting and sabotaging other countries' ability to compete against them in the world feudal system. Often military force is nothing more than a show of aggression, bullies who are cowards that murder civilians knowing that the weak third world country they are attacking poses no real threat to their country or even to the cowardly soldiers who launch their missiles from the safety of the rat holes in which they cower.
   States agree not to kill each other's political rulers and they negotiate treaties for the protection of their soldiers who are prisoners of war and they usually don't kill soldiers who are in the process of surrendering, yet these malevolent terrorists unleash unrestrained destruction on defenseless civilians, while the captured soldiers sit it out, often in the relative security of a prisoner of war camp, while there is no relief for innocent people who continue to be slaughtered. When the war is over, the politicians divide up the spoils; they usually don't remove another head of state, and their POWs are released without facing trial for their numerous crimes. They regard the lives of their paid terrorists as being move valuable than the lives of civilians who are merely considered collateral garbage who's lives, if lost, are of no consequence. For the civilians who are the victims of war there is no justice because states agree not to prosecute or punish captured enemy soldiers and they prevent any real justice system from bringing these criminals to justice. The criminality of war continues to be perpetrated because there is no higher power than states who can enforce human rights law and bring those who violate it to justice.

The threat of the use of military force, which is inevitably perpetrated against innocent civilians, is pure terrorism. And the use of military domination to enslave the population or to threaten to enslave the population through conscription is terrorism. Promoting, training or preparing to wage war is the crime of conspiracy to incite or commit terrorism.

Frequently political action is used for internal domestic political reasons. A ruler who is unpopular or who's policies have failed or the economy is weak may try to bolster his image and rally support from the mindless rabble citizenry by launching a terror attack against another country. Political rulers being nothing but bullies in their own country means that, to the barbarian mind, a ruler that appears to be weak must prove himself strong by bombing defenseless people on the other side of the world. The mindless drone citizens fall into line and join the war effort because they have been totally brainwashed into the insanity of patriotic nationalism, which expresses itself in the desire to slaughter people who are labeled as the "enemy" simply because they are perceived to have a different artificial cultural identity.  
   The mercenary terrorists are cowardly in way they wage war, they spend billions of dollars to buy weapons of mass destruction to fire at farther ranges so they won't have to risk their own cowardly asses. They will bomb cities and murder innocent people by the thousands rather than risk the worthless cowardly hides of even a few of their terrorist soldiers. A gang of sub-human garbage that considers the mass murder of millions of innocent people preferable to risking the lives of a few thousand soldiers, who are nothing but terrorists who want to impose their rulers policies to gain political and economic power, should be viewed as a virulent infestation on the world that threatens humanity and must be eradicated like any other malevolent disease.

War is an extension of political policy.
Wars are fought in many ways, not only with deadly weapons, but politically, economically, environmentally, culturally, psychologically and diplomatically. While different strategies may be employed, all wars ultimately serve the same goal; the defense and increase of political and economic power over people by political rulers. This insatiable hunger for power is not only over foreign people but is primarily exercised over their own subjects continually.
   Much of the political-military policy of war is internal; war is used to control citizens, to make them more obedient to the state and by keeping the nation in a state of war or constant preparation for war it allows the state to assume greater emergency powers and to intrude in areas that they haven't been able to invade previously. To control every aspect of life, including education and the regulation of everything into a command economy that tells people what kind of work to do and how to do it. The demand side policy directs the economy toward the promotion of certain types of technologies and industries that serve the military contractors, it molds and welds the collective mob together into a union of slaves that can be easily controlled and directed in increasing the power of the military machine.
   Protesting this war against the people is not tolerated and they assume, in the interest of national security, the slaves must be silenced, so that censorship becomes a vital tool in mind control. Most pathetic, are the stupid slaves who continue to say how proud they are to support the war effort; since they are coerced or forced into doing it, they deserve credit for nothing, if they actually choose to do it, then they are criminality culpable, and worst of all, citizen peer pressure is exerted on others to coerce them into being obedient slaves who are supposed to put on an idiotic grin, salute their national rag and go around spouting nationalistic jingoism in support of the evil they are collectively perpetrating.
   This action is primarily a war against the rights of the citizens who are too stupid to realize that the greatest threat to themselves comes from their own rulers and from their fellow mindless slaves. It is a war of total subjugation that can lead to the ultimate tyrannical act of any state; conscription.
   Some politicians realizing the benefits to be gained, engineer wars knowing that the power to regulate the economy, control the media and increase taxation are policies that can be extended indefinitely as long as they continue building more powerful militaries that continue to threaten other nations, who themselves build up their militaries in an arms race that will inevitably lead to greater state power and to war; an arms race is a state of war.
   When the politician's modes of diplomatic and economic warfare fails, they resort to military force to achieve their political goals. After all, the objective of political policy, is to coerce or force their own subjects or other nations into behaving the way in which they want, when normal policies fail to achieve this, they resort to the political tool called war, which is used to make them behave the way the dominate state wants them to behave; this certainly has nothing to do with defending anyone's rights. State militaries never defend human rights, any claim to do so is a damnable lie, their act of war in violation of the natural rights of people to live in a world free of intentionally organized violence which is mostly directed at civilians, whether their own subjects or a group of people perceived as, "an enemy nation", to force them to obey the political policy of a group who wants to profit from their defeat and enslavement -- it is the most extremely criminal act possible.
   The state instills fear to get their subjects to cower together for "national defense", to get them to surrender their freedom in exchange for a false security that results in them being controlled and enslaved. To impose the artificial concept of nationality, the state must make other nations their enemy so their own people will see their nationality as the embodiment of their persona, as opposed to those "aliens" who are demonized, and that membership in their nation, which they are told to believe is superior to all others, is necessary to their survival as individuals who are merely pieces of the larger creature, the nation-state, on whom they are made to be totally dependent.
   War is used to glorify the state and make the simple minded imbeciles that serve it get the satisfaction of having the power to destroy on a massive scale. Their idiotic displays of pomp are vain-glorious productions of propaganda that impress on the ignorant citizens, who have been subjugated and made to feel powerless, that they are somehow connected to or supportive of this big powerful machine which seems to give an artificial feeling of power to people who are suffering from a crisis of self-esteem. It's the same psychological mentality as the school yard bully who feels that he has to overcome his inferiority complex by bullying smaller children and seeking shallow friendships from servile toadies, just like those in the military. Many of these people don't lead lives of independent responsibility and success and have an internal hostility toward others that comes out in joining a violent street gang or even a more violent national gang-- the military.
   Like street gangs, members of the military seek to identify with something larger than themselves to give them the sense of power and artificial pride that they can't get on their own, that comes from building up a massively destructive force to intimidate the whole world, just as a street gang that gets artificial respect from intimidating people in their neighborhood. The more civilized and truly honorable mind gets respect by the way one treats others; with respect to other people's rights and having the courage to live a moral life, this genuine respect is for an individual person, not what one belongs to, or uniforms or symbols of a group.
   For the military members, their only concept of honor is in promoting the military itself and the supremacy of the state, which means supporting lies, tyranny, terrorism and other criminality, this is what they defend and for which they kill and die; its their religion. They know that even though they may eventually die believing only in the secular materialism of the state, their salvation comes from being sacrificed and worshipped like a martyr and being buried with honors from their god the state. In this way they can be glorified over the lives of the common people (civilians), many of whom were the hapless, defenseless victims of war they were responsible for murdering. But these victims of war have no meaning to the worshipers of the state because they didn't serve the state or increase it's power. The glorification of war dead, most of whom are murders and some rapists, as if their lives are more valuable than those they murdered, is heresy against Theius and a statement of contempt for humanity and those whom they claimed to be defending.
   Worst of all is their legacy, because of what they have done, they use this and the power they have gained to continue to instill a reverence in the subjects for state terrorists and use it to brainwash them into believing that past terrorists gave them what they have today, that their rights come from slavery and mass murder. What monumental stupidity the subjects have who believe that their inherent natural, Theius given rights which are exercised by their own free will come from past tyranny and criminality. What people today have been given as a legacy of militarism, the evils of militarism; tyranny, slavery, terrorism, murder, theft, and the burden of the villainy, not only of the political state and all of the corrupt institutions that have been extended through history and now must be fought and destroyed, but also the legacy of the corrupting of the morals of civilization where ignorant people are taught to worship evil and have contempt for those who would live free and responsible lives in service to humanity, and would truly defend human rights. This legacy is what has been left to people, yes, the tyranny of the state that we have today is a result of what the militaries of the past have done.
   The real heroes are the people who have the moral courage to do what is right in the face of war. Those who risk their lives to actually defend innocent people, to rescue refugees, to treat the casualties or those who attack and kill only the enemy soldiers or assassinate political rulers; the real heroes are also the war protesters, resisters and pacifists and others who did everything within their power, sometimes giving their lives in the cause of trying to prevent war or undermining the war effort. Anything that weakens the military-state is a great service to humanity. The only soldiers who are heroes in war are from private militias, revolutionary forces, freedom fighters and a few renegades from the state military who actually defend innocent people by fighting and killing other soldiers who are attacking civilians, and those soldiers who are most effective are those who go after the head of the monster, those who kill high ranking military-state officials. But the most morally heroic are the non-combatants who take the highest moral ground and defend it non-violently no matter what the consequences and risk their lives to help people. These real heroes are not only overlooked, they are often ridiculed by the mercenary terrorists because they fear these people more than any others, because they are a real threat to the survival of their institutions, and because these people act on the higher principles of moral courage and honor that the militarists don't even understand.
   The real heroes are also those who maintain their families and continue to lead responsible lives and help each other under the worst of conditions and continue to be decent and civilized and not participate in the war frenzy of murder and concomitant theft and other crimes.
   As I have said, not all soldiers are villains, in the past, many men have fought in wars, not necessarily to defend the tyranny of the state, but to defend their families and communities against tyranny and aggression and to defend human rights against an enemy who is committing atrocities against innocent people. Many of these soldiers, as in the American Revolution, have fought courageously and honorably strictly against other enemy soldiers who are waging wars against innocent people. Those soldiers who did only fight and kill enemy soldiers are not villains, but are heroes, if it is really in defense of innocent people. If groups of individuals fight and kill each other merely for personal glory and don't put innocent people at risk, then they are neither heroes nor villains, they are merely barbaric animals who slaughter each other. Even in wars waged by the state where they have a political objective, men who have joined these wars for the honest reason of defending human rights are justified in their service to humanity if they have the courage and character to keep their fight honorable by respecting human rights law and not killing civilians.
   But these are the actions of individuals, the fact remains that the military is a political instrument used by the state to wage wars against human rights, and while individuals are sometimes powerless and have to make moral decisions to protect those closest to them, in no way can the military or the state itself be justified. Even if they claim to defend their own "nation", because in doing so they are destroying individuals in other nations. In reality there is no such thing as "national defense", nations are artificial cultural concepts with which people identify; human rights is not based on nationality, the only legitimate use of force is the defense of individual human rights. What they call "national defense" is defense of the political cartel, they're not defending the individuals of the nation, they're violating their rights in defense of the tyranny placed over them. So, for a man to be honorable, he must fight, not for himself or selfish political reasons, but for innocent people, for women and children and the rights of humanity without considering himself a servant of the military-state. To commit oneself to serving the military-state is to become a political terrorist.
   The military doesn't defend individual rights, it doesn't even defend nations of people, it is a murdering terrorist war machine designed only to increase the power of the state, the military is the enemy of individual rights, the enemy of the family, the enemy of all nations and civilization itself.
   Mercenary terrorists are without moral courage or honor, they commit armed robbery and murder and use politics as the excuse for it. Terrorists are not heroes. The idea of glorifying these malevolent demons is a disgrace to the mob of people who call themselves a "nation". Their constantly attaching ideas such as honor and glory to everything connected to the military is the most transparent and artificial form up propaganda. The military lacks the moral courage to put their own worthless hides on the line to defend the lives of innocent people, not only do they not defend freedom, they wage a war against it.
   During this century more children have died in wars than have soldiers, this is the strongest condemnation of all militaries and the clearest example of the cowardice exhibited by these terrorists. Their strategy almost always involves putting themselves at the least possible risk while slaughtering innocent people to accomplish their goals. Usually they refuse to actually go after an enemy, instead they hide in their rat holes, and launch weapons of mass destruction from their bunkers or aboard ships over a hundred miles from shore which places only a minimal risk on themselves, but results in the mass murder of thousands of civilians. They say their objective in doing this is that they hope to hit a military target, and what they call "collateral damage" (mass murder of innocent people) is just an unfortunate necessity. It is only a necessity because these terrorist bastards are cowards; physical and moral cowards. They have absolutely no concept of morality since it has been perverted through their training into whatever serves their ruler's interests. Their concept of honor is absurd, to them honor is whatever they say it is just because they have the power to enforce it. Honor guards, tradition of honor, honor in the corps, all of these are false hollow slogans, there is no honor in cowardly terrorism, least of all an honor that comes from an assumption made through the enslavement of a people who are forced at the point of a gun to support them and pay homage to them.
   These parasites are living off of the productive lives of other people, many military members are kids trying to get honest working people to pay for their college education or they have joined because they couldn't get a job in the real economy, others are hard core terrorists. These people are bloodsucking leeches living off of military welfare. This welfare doesn't stop with the term of their membership, but continues throughout their lives with many special benefits, pensions and perks forcibly paid for by others.
   War is big business, many corporations are dependent on the military to sell their products. Weapons manufacturers are all too willing to sell weapons to anyone, including both sides in a war. The more wars there are, the more killing , the more they sell, and many of the merchants of death lobby their own politicians to support or even subsidize weapons sales all over the world, thus the state does its part to spread conflict everywhere, by making war or just selling weapons to other countries, sometimes even to their enemies, and later own have their own soldiers killed by weapons made in their own country; what madness!

Because all wars are useful to the state, they support wars against everything; a war against drugs (a.k.a.: war against individual rights), war against poverty, war against teen pregnancy, war against the budget deficit, war against obesity, war against tobacco, war against pornography, if they can make it unpopular, they can exploit it by declaring war against it. A war is by definition an abandonment of honor and morality, its the destruction of an enemy at all costs, a complete disregard for the rights of people and anyone who gets in the way, to win a war means removing everything that stands in the way of having the absolute power to wage the war, and that means violating people's rights in order to have absolute power, that is the purpose of wars; to dominate people and territory and thereby get absolute power over them. Therefor all wars are inherently evil. The clearest evidence of this is the war on drugs which has turned into concomitant war on free speech, war on privacy, war on property and other civil rights, with constitutional protections being the first enemy to defeat.
   Those internal wars waged in the cause of a political objective have achieved what they set out to do; get absolute power for the state over individuals. Of course they haven't solved any of the problems they started out to solve, but no war ever solved anything, wars just destroy lives and property and get more power for the state, all of those problems have only gotten worse, and of course the evil tyrants tell their stupid subjects that the reason the problems aren't being solved is that the government needs more money and more power and that the people may have to give up more of their rights so they can win the war. Fools, the war is against your rights!
   If they really wanted to solve those problems, the right way of doing it
 is detailed in Solving Society's Problems, but they aren't really serious about protecting people from those problems anymore than they are about protecting their rights, they are only exploiting and using those problems to get more power for themselves.
   After all; a war on drugs is not really a war on inanimate substances, it's a war against the right of individuals to put what they want into their own bodies by attacking and imprisoning or killing people who have moral, emotional or medical problems that have lead them into drug use. A war on poverty involves armed robbery and redistribution of incomes into socialist policies that create dependency, undermine individual initiative and responsibility and destroy families. A war on the deficit is theft of more personal income because the mobsters have spent money they haven't yet been able to steal. A war on pornography violates the fundamental human right to freedom of sexual expression with other consenting adults.
War is the ultimate crime against humanity, since the primary goal of war is to declare an entire people the enemy and set out to destroy them by any means, usually in the most cowardly way.
War can exist only where there is no effective law, war is the absence of law, it's an attack on the very concept of justice and civilization itself.

You can't wage war in the name of freedom and justice because war destroys the possibility of the enjoyment of them. You can't wage war to impose a nationality on people against their will or to commit atrocities and expect to have justice afterward, good can't come from evil. You can't have a civilized or just society because the foundations have been destroyed.
The foundations of a civilized society are built on respecting everyone's sovereign rights regardless of nationality and by maintaining peace.

The soulless mercenary terrorists like to say that freedom isn't free.
When they talk about the military fighting for freedom they mean that they are fighting for the license of their political masters to impose their tyranny and get away with their many terrorist crimes. The rulers are only able to perpetrate their crimes because of their paid thugs and then they tell the stupid slaves to be grateful to the thugs who are responsible for enslaving them; that is most humiliating.
   It's a totally cynical and arrogant view of humanity that they think that people are so stupid as to continue believing that enslaving a people and forcing them to support terrorism to gain more power for the rulers to continue to violate the sovereign rights of human beings is defense of freedom.
   Their national defense, is the defense of their criminal terrorist organization, it is the defense of the political mobsters power over the people and their control of the economy and other institutions, it is the defense of evil. The military-statists are the primary enemies of individual freedom, they fear freedom and use their power to deny its exercise in every way possible.

Now this brief time out for a message to all members of the military and their supporters;
"My freedom comes from Theius created nature and my own free will, you sons of a bitches, and don't you ever forget it".

The price of freedom is personal responsibility and accountability in living freely as a sovereign individual and respecting other peoples' right to the same freedom, the price of freedom is practicing free self-government and the price of freedom is tolerating other people doing things they have a right to do but that you don't like, the price of freedom is living freely, self-sufficiently and responsibly. Obviously that is a price that the mercenary terrorists are unwilling to pay.
   These unconscionable manipulators brainwash their slaves into thinking that their right to exist and exercise their mind and abilities comes from the fact that a gang of terrorists once mass murdered millions of innocent people in other nations and that the opportunities they have come from the theft and intrusions of the state defended by the military, any people who are so stupid as to believe this deserve their slavery and all other exploitations perpetrated against them.

Throughout much of history the military was used to fight for the policies of the King and the religious doctrines of the church. In many countries the dominate racial-ethnic group use the police/military as an exercise in power to oppress minority groups.
   Now the androgynous communists use the police/military to wage a war against the natural family and attack the rights of women by involving males and females in combat training and in combat against each other. The effect of this is that the mercenary terrorist filth now views females as combatants and this puts women's rights and lives at danger all over the world. Only the most perverted excuse for sub-human animals would do this, only the most barbaric of countries would actually promote such extreme perversion of humanity, and as with Nazis and Communists, those regimes who are waging a war against humanity and threatening the very definition of what it means to be human, must be destroyed and eradicated from this world at all costs. This is because these evil regimes coerce or force males and females in combat against each other, or they steal people's money and force them to support this war against the human family and they provide no opportunity for decent civilized men and women to be able to protect and defend their rights according to natural sex roles.
   Any people who actually promote combative behavior between the sexes are the most degenerate form of sub-human scum that have ever crawled on this earth. They are trying to set back human evolution to a level lower than the most primitive primates. Combative behavior between the sexes is absolutely morally wrong, it is uncivilized, it contributes to a culture where the moral relationships between the sexes, where men's and women's rights and roles within the family and society are persecuted and denied the opportunity for full expression. It encourages violence against women that results in increased domestic abuse and more common verbal and physical attacks against women in society.
   The worst effect of all is that it poses a real threat to females everywhere, throughout history men who fight in wars were supposed to attack only the enemy men, at least there was a prohibition of honor to not kill women and children. If men will commit violence against women in training, then they can be counted on to kill women and children in war. A country that puts women in combat poses a threat to women and children all over the world, such a country must be destroyed for the future of humanity.
   In Bosnia and Kosovo men and teenage boys where rounded up by enemy forces and shot, in Bosnia they put in concentration camps where they were starved while summarily shot. There were these reports of whole villages of males being taken away and never seen again. The reason for this was to keep them from joining their own armed forces and fighting in the war. While females where killed and systematically raped, there wasn't the systematic rounding up of females to be shot because they weren't viewed as potential combatants, they were viewed as sexual prey. That's why most women survived the war and many men did not, there were the pictures everyday of mostly women and children refugees coming out of Kosovo. If there had been a policy to have women in combat, those women and children would not have survived, they would have been systematically killed. In other wars throughout history conquering armies have slaughtered all of the men and boys and taken the females captive, many were made slaves, some married their conquerors, many others were freed into the conquering society because they were not seen as a threat to the rulers. Any female has a right to fight to defend herself against any harm and any female who does so is acting as an individual, that does not in endanger females in general, its only when a country has a policy of putting women in combat that it threatens the lives of all females, everywhere.
   They are so committed to the perversion of humanity that, for the amazon women, who are not qualified for combat because they don't have the strength or other athletic abilities needed to even survive in combat, much less win, they use double standard cheating; where men have to perform up to a higher standard, but women only have to perform down to a lower standard to be considered qualified. Anyone who objects to this fraud is immediately punished or discharged.
   The castrated males who are only a pitiful excuse for a men go along with it like whipped dogs, and by doing so participate in the war against the rights and lives of their own wives, mothers, sisters and daughters by denying their rights to participate in their government and security services in their own feminine way. Some of the bastards even abuse their daughters to such an extreme that it perverts the girl's behavior to a degree that she feels that the only way to get her father's respect is to become a mercenary terrorist just like him, even many members of the Mafia aren't that evil. The exercise in masculine dominance over women is where the discrimination lies, the feminazis haven't changed the culture at all, they have only joined into the discriminatory oppression against women's rights.
   Women in combat certainly will result in the deaths or men soldiers, because the women are obviously are not physically able to perform at a sufficient level to make a strong enough team, because soldiers fight as a unit who is only as strong as its weakest link. Just one woman in a combat unit may cause the deaths of the entire unit because she is not up to the equal physical standards of the men. The androgynists who promote this madness, don't even care about the lives of the men and women in the military, much less are they actually serious about having the most qualified soldiers, this policy is not about defending anyone, its about promoting androgynism by ignoring physical differences between the sexes. The way they get away with it is by lying and cheating; by having double standards where they require less of the women, and then call the outcome more or less equal.
   Women in combat will inevitably be captured and raped, if you choose to put women in combat this will eventually happen. Many of the women in the military are mentally ill, they have serious emotional problems they are trying to overcome in a misguide way, many were abused by their fathers and are trying prove that they are just as good as the son he always wanted, any woman who would want to be in combat is obviously insane. Anyone who actually believes that women are physically qualified for combat is crazy; this policy is madness. Would the NFL institute a gender quota system to put women on every team? Only the most perverted communistic countries would do such a barbaric, inhuman thing.
   Militarism is more evil than just the acts of violence, in that its poisonous influence on society is the antithesis of a civilized society and the effect of males and females in combat on the family and relations within the larger society is one of the most extreme perversions of human behavior that any country has ever perpetrated, and may be considered to be the greatest threat to the future of humanity. These subhuman animals that are a part of this are completely unfit to live among decent civilized human beings. These pernicious creatures are not fit to be allowed to be around children much less to actually raise them, because any exposure of these horrors to children is certainly abusive and corrupting of their morals.
War degrades and corrupts all of society, it is the triumph of criminal values, lawlessness, barbarism and it poisons the soul and destroys the ability of a society to be just.

Since the militarists seek to constantly popularize their terrorist organization, they use the media, and the corporations who have an interest in the defense industry to promote the military and to encourage aggression, belligerency and acceptance of state organized terrorist activity. As many corporations are military contractors, these fiends see an interest in promoting violence to children to encourage belligerent behavior so that they may be more likely to support that type of behavior in the state and so that they may be more likely to join the mercenary terrorists when they grow up. The promotion of a bellicose lexicon throughout the culture helps to get people thinking that the warlike mentality is all pervasive and is necessary to the functioning of civilization.

Of all of the countless crimes committed by militaries the most truly evil is conscription. A physical act of violence, such as war against innocent victims harms the persons who are the victims, but the guilt for the act is entirely on the perpetrator, the victim remains innocent and is not corrupted in one's soul by the act, unless one allows oneself to be. But conscription, whether directly into the military or into the labor force to serve the war effort, is the mass corruption of an entire population. It makes all persons who participate in it guilty of contributing to the war and its many atrocities. The political engineers of this crime, degrade every quality of a decent society by turning their energies toward the service of unrepentant evil. The militarist vermin corrupts the morals of children by trying to militarize their behavior and attitudes.
   Only the most cowardly and pernicious of countries would resort to enslaving their own children, family members, friends and neighbors to force them into the worst form of slavery possible, to force them to commit horrendous crimes for their selfish nationalist political interests.
   Anyone who would raise children within a society where they support a villainous mob that would enslave their children and lead them to their deaths or even worse, turn them into monstrous terrorists are the vilest most damnable excuse for a human being, it would be more merciful for them to kill their children before reaching adulthood and save their souls from the corrupting damnation of becoming a terrorist.
   Any country that would resort to slavery to force their subjects to commit atrocities against humanity in order to defend the power of a pernicious mob to continue enslaving and committing crimes against their own people as well as others is a cancerous scourge on the world and must be totally eradicated using whatever means necessary.

No country that has to force its citizens to defend it can justify its own existence.

The cowardly politicians don't have the courage to do what they have to do, to kill dictators both foreign and domestic who are waging wars against human rights.
The politicians won't risk their own lives for the causes in which they wage wars, but they will to force others to fight for them, wars fought by cowards for cowards.
The politicians won't even challenge other rulers or their representatives to combat duels.
   Politicians declaring that no head of state should be assassinated even during times of war is saying that they would rather mass murder people by the millions and enslave their own people rather than prevent war. It means they choose war. To kill another head of state threatens the cowardly mobsters that rule their own state, it's easier for those in power to enslave their own people and turn them into terrorist murders; to degrade and destroy the morality and honor of the people to pervert human behavior and send them to their deaths, rather than the cowards willing to risk their own lives to do their duty to humanity to prevent war by killing those who start wars.
   Any honorable defense force has a moral obligation to risk their own lives to defend the lives of innocent people at all costs, they have a duty to fight and destroy those who are waging the war by killing the political rulers, members of the political command structure and extensively slaughtering the state's police and military. They must have the strength, fighting ability and courage to fight these enemies and kill them without killing innocent people.
One strategy for accomplishing this is Dienforcade.

The statists commit terrorism to promote the selfish interests of their nation and its political cartel. Legitimate government is based on the protection of universal human rights, people's nationality is irrelevant to legitimate government, nationality is strictly a private matter. Those who fight wars to impose or promote a nationality are criminals against humanity who are waging a war against the right of human beings to choose their own nationality under a government that defends human freedom.

All wars are the same war, they are all fighting for political and economic power and dominance.
You cannot organize people into a military-state and expect the result to be justice or have reason prevail in the direction of human actions.

Militarism corrupts all of society, the militarists promote and train children in violence to recruit future terrorists, the culture they develop is bellicose, anti-family, anti-human rights and anti-freedom. As long as people continue to support the military-state, they will be supporting a war against human rights, a war against freedom and a war against the family and their own children. People are shocked at the level of violence among kids, this culture of death and youth violence is no accident, it was developed over a long period of time by the militarists. If people want to save their children, their family and to protect the rights and quality of life for the people of their own country and all of humanity, they must oppose militarism.   

The military mercenary terrorists are so extreme in their abandonment of human morality that reform of this evil institution is impossible, the only cure for militarism is its total destruction.

People must choose which side they are on, either; on the side of peace or war, on the side of humanity or its enemies, on the side of good or evil.
by Dean Sullivan
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