SGL 1.1.4

08/08/2011 update: Version 1.1.4 uploaded. 
  • New algorithms:
    • Floyd-Warshall all-pairs shortest-path algorithm for dense networks.  Currently the algorithm is set to automatically kick-in when density (|E|/|V|^2 with undirected edges treated as two directed edges) is >0.75 for unweighted networks and >0.5 for weighted networks. 
    • Edmonds-Karp algorithm for solving maximum flow problem.  Sets of source and sink vertices of minimum cut are found using breadth-first search on residual capacity matrix.    
  • Documentation and examples:
    • Section 5: Max-flow min-cut added.
    • Section 9.5: Max-flow min-cut example added.
  • Syntax: network..., ...measure(maxflow) source(string) sink(string) [residual mincut]
    • Vertex names for source() and sink() should be enclosed in double quotes, even if the names are numeric.
    • By default, if residual and mincut are not specified, flow matrix is returned.  Only one of residual or mincut can be specified at one time.
Hirotaka Miura,
Aug 8, 2011, 7:19 PM