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Final Project

As part of my dual final project with Eric Blumberg, we analyzed the Heritage Foundation's Economic Freedom data [link] and looked at the top 3 and bottom 3 countries per region (Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, North America, South/Central America/Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa).  The aspects that went into calculating each country's heritage score score were analyzed using a factor analysis, with two aspects emerging as being very influential, non-collinear variables: property rights and government spending. Our 

The motion chart below was constructed in Google Docs to help demonstrate some of the information we will be sharing in class. We were inspired by the GapMinder work being done by Hans Rosling and his team. We focused on the year 2000 for the graph below, though we also detail information about 2010 (one decade later) in our paper. Feel free to play around with the different axes settings to see how the different elements influence the shape of the graph!

Chart 1