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Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Knowledge Engineering, University of Maastricht, Netherlands. 

My main research interests are: Computer Vision, Human-Machine Interaction in Virtual Environments, Machine Learning, Affective Computing.

Students of UM wishing to do a research-driven Bachelor thesis or Master thesis/intership in the areas of Affective Computing, please, see a list of open projects below and, if interested, send me an email
Open Projects:

 Human-Machine Interaction, nowadays, is already taking advantage of the rapid developments in the area of Natural Interaction, making use of tools such as Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.  Visual cues, related to facial analysis or body posture, can be a valuable source of information regarding a person’s emotional and/or cognitive state, while the recent explosion in computational power has paved the path for a new boost in machines’ capabilities to employ well-known and established algorithms like Active Shape Models and state-of-the-art variants for tracking facial features’ location, as well as for inferring expressivity features. Such instruments can be of great use for robust, accurate and real time Facial Expression Recognition (FER) and/or Visual Focus of Attention (VFoA) estimation in Assisted Living environments, allowing, thus, an AI-endowed robot to react promptly to human everyday needs.
 1. Face-based Human-Robot Interaction. 

The proposed work will focus on the development of cutting-edge interaction schemes in the brand new area of interaction between humans and robots, in non-verbal, contactless manners, just through visual cues conveying affective messages (emotions, cognition). Possible applications lay in the areas of medicine, education, game-play, etc.    
 2. Human Body Expressivity recognition.

This project will focus on how we can effectively use one or more modalities (e.g. visual, wearable sensors, etc.) in order to map emotions expressed through human bodies on manifold spaces. The impact of this work can span from Computer Graphics to Ambient Assisted Living environments.

Ready-to-use or new datasets will be used for the purposes of this work.    
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