Personal data:   

Family Name: Shkarin 

First name: Stanislav

Date of birth: September 16, 1967 

Position: Lecturer at Queens University Belfast 


Academic degrees:   

1992 - Ph. D. in Mathematics and Physics at Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

1988 - M. Sc. in Mathematics at Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)


Professional background:  

1.  January 2007 - present: Lecturer at Queens University Belfast

2. June 2005 - December 2006:  Research Associate at King's College London 

3. September 2000 - November 2004: Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University 

4. November 1994 - August 2000: Assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University  

5. December 1991 - October 1994:  Research fellow at the Laboratory of Mathematical Problems of Cryptography at Moscow State University

Teaching experience 

1. Integration theory for level 4 students at Queens University Belfast 2007 

2. Group theory for level 2 students at Queens University Belfast 2007

3. Advanced course "Topological Vector Spaces" at the Department of
Mathematics,  King's College London 2006

4. Real analysis for Levels 1-2 students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University 1992-2004

5. Real analysis, analytic geometry, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations for levels 1-2 students of the Faculty of Chemistry,  Moscow State University 1992-2004 

6. Advanced course "Topological Vector Spaces"  1994/1995, Moscow State University

7. Advanced course "Infinite dimensional analysis"  1996/1997, Moscow State University 

8. Advanced course "Smooth Measures on Locally Convex Spaces" 1998/1999, Moscow State University

Research fellowships and participation in projects

1. Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Department of Mathematics of Wuppertal University (Germany), host Professor D.Vogt, May 2001 - July 2002 and November 2004 - March 2005 

2. Research fellowship in King's College London supported by British Engineering and Physical Research Council Grant GR/T25552/01

3. Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research, 1997 and  Participation in different projects financed by the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research,  1996-2003 

4. Euro-Russia Collaboration ESPRIT projects: (NTGONGS, STIAC) 1999-2003 

5. Currently involved in the project Plan Nacional I+D+I Grant BFM2003-00034 supported by Spanish government 

Recent invited talks

1. "On multidimensional numerical ranges", July 2006, Bremen University, Germany

2. "Weak hypercyclicity and supercyclicity", June 2006, Seville University, Spain

3. "Spectral analysis of two classes of integral operators", February 2006, Newcastle University,  UK

4. "Weak sequential hypercyclicity and supercyclicity of bounded operators", February 2006, Leeds University, UK

5. "Asymptotic behavior of orbits and strong forms of cyclicity" December 2005, Lancaster University, UK

6. "Orbits of linear operators and weak supercyclicity", November 2005, Belfast University, UK

7. "Asymptotics of orbits of bounded operators and strong forms of cyclicity", November 2005, Oxford University, UK

8. "Asymptotic behavior of orbits of integral operators", October 2005, London Analysis Seminar, London, UK

9. "On possible spectra of linear operators", September 2005, Durham University, UK

10. "On orbits of linear operators", September 2005, Liege University, Belgium

11. "Continuous restrictions of linear operators", June 2005, Seville University, Spain