SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble

The end of SpiralSong; thank you for all your support

18 August, 2011

Dear fans and supporters of SpiralSong,

It is with sadness, as well as hope for the future, that I announce that SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble has been dissolved and no longer exists.

This decision has been in process over several years, and is not one that came easily.

I hope many past members of SpiralSong will continue to sing together, joining together to form a new group or groups with a new name/names, for sisterhood, for Winter Solstice Celebrations, and/or for other performances.

If and when former members of SpiralSong have organized a new group, or perhaps groups, I will be happy to share that information with you via SpiralSong’s former email list, Facebook page, etc., so that you will be able to keep up with the new group(s), sign up for any new mailing list(s), etc.

A little bit about what it means that SpiralSong has dissolved: Any new group(s) may certainly say individual members sang with SpiralSong, but they may not use the SpiralSong name in their new name(s), take information from SpiralSong’s "About Us," web page, or materials, use Stasa’s name, or in any way appear to be an incarnation of SpiralSong, without Stasa Morgan-Appel’s explicit, written permission.

If you have any questions I can answer, please feel free to contact me.

I wish former members of SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble all success in their future singing endeavors, and thank them for being part of SpiralSong’s nine-year herstory.

I also thank you for supporting us, and for being part of our nine-year herstory. We could not have done half of what we've done without you.

Yours in song,
Stasa Morgan-Appel
Founder and Senior Director

About Us

SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble specializes in music that reflects women's spiritual experiences. 

SpiralSong members come from a variety of musical backgrounds and have experience in a range of musical settings – including the woods, women’s circles, madrigals, gospel, gardens, church choirs, community choirs and choruses, semi-professional choruses, LBGT choruses, feminist choirs... and the shower. 

Our diverse spiritual backgrounds include Agnosticism, Atheism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Goddess spirituality, Judaism, Nature-based, Paganism, Quakerism, Scientific Pantheism, Wicca, Witchcraft, and more. 

Joy in singing together and a commitment to social justice unite us. 

Our signature performance each year is a community-wide Winter Solstice Celebration in collaboration with the Pagan Arts Initiative of the Delaware Valley Pagan Network

SpiralSong was founded in 2002 by Staśa Morgan-Appel, our Senior Artistic Director and Executive Director.  Jennifer Sheffield is our Music Director.  

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