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Quaker (Friends)

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Items marked with a star (*) are particularly helpful when you're new to Friends.
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Resource nameDescriptionWeb address
Resource nameDescriptionWeb address
afghans for Afghans a humanitarian project in partnership with the American Friends Service Committee (, and in the Red Cross Knitting Tradition ( 
Faith & Practice of North Pacific Yearly Meeting* a gem, and one of my favorites 
FGC Gathering 
Floating Behiind My Eyes a Baptist minister's first experience of Meeting for Worship 
Friends for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns (FLGBTQC) 
Friends General Conference FGC is more than Gathering! 
Friends Hospice 
Friends Journal 
Nontheist Friends 
Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference 
Peterson Toscano Quaker performance artist & activist 
QuakerBooks of FGC 
Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling 
Quakers Uniting in Pubilcations (QUIP) 
Quakers!? Where!?: Find a Meeting in the US or Canada 
Silent Worship and Quaker Values, by Marsha D. Holliday* 
Vanessa Julye's ministry Helping the Religious Society of Friends be more welcoming of people of color 
Western Friend (formerly Friends Bulletin) 
What to Expect in Quaker Meeting for Worship* (video) "What can you expect in a Quaker Worship Service? This is a guide for newcomers on the basics: what to expect in Quaker Meeting for Worship."  
Worship Sharing* guidelines; expectations; what is worship sharing? 
Your First Time at a Quaker Meeting* from Quakers in Scotland 
"Your First Visit to an Unprogrammed Meeting: a Practical How-To Guide"* Very helpful for a first-timer at Meeting for Worship 
Showing 22 items