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Specific Products

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Products I or people who have stayed with me have used successfully

Your results may vary.  These are items  which I or other people I know have used successfully.  I do not endorse any of them.  If they work for me or a friend, that does not mean they're perfect for everyone. 

Where to buy?  I have found these products:

  • in the natural foods section of my mainstream grocery store,
  • at co-ops,
  • at locally-owned crunchy-granola-earthy stores,
  • at that big crunchy-granola chain which shall remain nameless,
  • on-line (both mainstream and "alternative" retailers),
  • and, for deodorant/anti-perspirant and sunscreen/sunblock, at chain drugstores.
  • stocks a LOT of these.  I don't know anything about them as a company, so I can't tell you if I recommend them or not. 

Important note: In the UK, I have found that products labelled "unfragranced" or "fragrance-free" often may still contain essential oils and therefore are NOT fragrance-free.  It is very important to read the label of any product to see for yourself if it contains fragrance (artificial or natural).

Product lists created by other organizations