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Pagan Quakers (Friends) and Quaker Pagans

Places to start

Places in cyberspace (list-serv, blogs, etc.)

More in-depth

  • Adult Religious Education Presentation on 'Four Doors to Meeting for Worship,' or, 'Four Doors to Meeting for Worship' from a Quaker Witch's Perspective 


Interesting Odds and Ends

  • "Spiritual Purposes of Ordinary/Everyday and Special/Set-Apart Ritual," by Stasa Morgan-Appel.  From a paper I wrote for a class in Ritual Theory at Cherry Hill Seminary, and which explores some aspects of Quaker, Pagan, and Jewish ritual.  

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Further Interesting Tidbits

These are things I haven't read yet, or by people I haven't connected with yet but am trying to track down, etc. 
  • Green Quakers, blog by Alison Leonard and Kevin Redpath, "...for those interested in exploring the links between our pagan heritage and our Quaker faith and practice" and for those who have attended their Woodbrooke workshops.

Stuff I'm missing?

If you know of specifically Pagan Quaker / Quaker Pagan resources I'm missing, please let me know

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